Our gelato and sorbets

All our gelato and sorbets are freshly handmade on the premises of our gelateria in Swanage.

Our production laboratory is situated to the rear of our customer service area. All our products are produced onsite and are only available to purchase from our gelateria. We do not wholesale. This is to ensure that we can produce a truly authentic and unique product of the highest quality. The flexibility of our production process allows us to continuously create and experiment with different flavours and ideas.

What is the difference between gelato and ice cream?

Essentially, ‘gelato’ is simply the Italian word for ‘ice cream’, and in Italy it is freshly made each day. Gelato is served at a ‘warmer’ temperature than ice cream, which allows for a smoother consistency and a more direct and intense flavour release.


We ensure the quality of all our products in two ways:

  • All our gelato and sorbets are freshly handmade on the premises in our production laboratory and are only available to purchase from our gelateria
  • We use only the finest ingredients available and independently source many of them direct from Italy

Furthermore, we are longstanding members of the Ice Cream Alliance UK trade association which sets the quality standards for ice cream production in the UK. To find out more visit www.ice-cream.org.

Fortes Gelato Factory Fortes Gelato Factory Making Sorbet

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Over the years, we have created hundreds of different flavours and we are always coming up with new ideas. Here are just a few of our regular flavours available from our gelateria:


A unique and sophisticated flavour made to the Forte family recipe


An intensely rich, dark and smooth flavour

Salted Caramel

Deliciously smooth and creamy, a popular choice


Pure Sicilian pistachios are used to create this fine and delicate flavour


Made using I.G.P sourced Piemonte hazelnuts

Red Fruit Sorbet

Deliciously refreshing and smooth

Mango Sorbet

This sweet, rich flavour is made using Alphonso mangoes


Our take on this classic Italian dessert

Hazelnut Rocher

Combining rich chocolate with I.G.P Piemonte hazelnuts makes this flavour irresistible


A low fat alternative made with natural yoghurt

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